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Tech Titans nurtures small tech businesses by providing networking, recognition, and promotion opportunities. Here are some resources to help our valued area entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors.

Be sure to check with these partners when building your company as well:
Launch DFW
Tech Wildcatters
Health Wildcatters
RevTech Accelerator


Member companies

HR & Staffing
Legal services
Accounting and financial services
Marketing and promotional services


Incubators are one of the many initiatives used for entrepreneurship development. Entrepreneurs need training and technical assistance and incubators aid entrepreneurs by giving them access to:

  • Equipment
  • Funding
  • Mentoring
  • Rental space
  • Flexible leases
  • Shared basic business services and equipment
  • Technology support services
  • Assistance in obtaining the financing necessary to grow
Some are non-profit, while others may charge fees and/or acquire some equity in ventures in exchange for their services. A business incubator’s goal is to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding.

The DEC--Dallas Entrepreneur Center
NTEC--North Texas Enterprise Center
TECH Fort Worth


Federal Resources

From tax advice to government contracting, government-funded agencies like the Small Business Administration are increasing outreach to entrepreneurs. Recently, the SBA opened up one of its newer programs, the Business Gateway Program. The program involves the first government-sponsored online community built for the sole purpose of aiding entrepreneurs. It combines:
  • discussion threads
  • blogs
  • resource articles
The forum is designed to encourage interaction between business owners and government employees.
Traditionally, the SBA has offered a diverse wealth of advice for entrepreneurs, including:
  • Technical Assistance (Training & Counseling)
  • Financial Assistance
  • Contracting Assistance
  • Disaster Assistance Recovery
  • Special Interests Groups Assistance
  • Advocacy, Laws & Regulations
  • Civil Rights Compliance


CodeLaunch is an annual embryonic and very early stage tech-startup competition. All types of software applications are welcome, whether they be Mobile Apps, SAAS concepts, or something else. CodeLaunch is produced by Code Authority Custom Software of Frisco, TX and competitors are welcome to apply through May 31 each calendar year.

Beginning in June applicant concepts are narrowed down through several rounds of “cuts” by the Code Authority leadership team. Eventually semi-finalists are interviewed and analyzed more thoroughly. Ultimately a handful of “finalists” are selected to give their pitches at CodeLaunch Pitch Day. Pitch Day is an open event that investors of all types and backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Notable DFW entrepreneurs act as judges and determine award winners.

Code Authority chooses a primary target to invest in and any other attendee is welcome to strike their own deals with any of the Pitch Day finalists. In 2014 one of the finalists made a deal with a developer in attendance to partner up and launched their startup without any participation from Code Authority.

                                                             From left to right: Neal Rapoport, Cheri Garcia (RentEval), Jason W. Taylor(President-Code Authority)

“The CodeLaunch process put me in touch with experienced people in the software development and business community who share the common interest of seeing businesses and startups succeed. At CodeLaunch Pitch Day, I was able to connect with individuals that I wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise and am in the process of taking my project to the next level. I would highly recommend participating in this event.” - Nathan Zimmerman, 2014 CodeLaunch Finalist.

CodeLaunch celebrated the first “exit” in its history when 2013 winner RentEval was acquired by Rapoport Investments, LP in March 2014, and subsequently accepted into Tech Wildcatters.

Please consult the CodeLaunch website for the current year’s schedule of deadlines and annual Pitch Day date, time and location.