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MTBC council member:

Companies that meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have proprietary ownership of a technology product
  • Manufactures technology products
  • Conducts proprietary technology research
  • Has proprietary management of technology products

Integrators of technology products that result in services to the consumer or other technology companies and who have a focus in engineering, technical support, or research and development shall also be deemed a technology company.

Consulting firms or independent contractors whose executives are degreed engineers within disciplines commonly associated with technology companies shall be deemed as MTBC Technology Members if they provide engineering and technical services to a client base comprised of at least 75% technology firms.


MTBC service provider
Non-tech companies, in business for a minimum of five years, which provide specialized services to technology companies with executives who have engineering/technical or licensed professional backgrounds shall be eligible to be designated as a Technology Provider.

General service consulting firms in the area of management training and education, etc., will be not be eligible as a Technology Provider unless designed solely for engineering and technical topics and disciplines.

Information technology departments of non-tech companies