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TechQuest is a forum that matches innovation seekers with innovation providers. It gives small tech companies, university researchers, and industry technologists - Innovation Providers - the opportunity to present their technology-based ideas and business plans to key decision makers at major high tech companies in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area - Innovation Seekers.


These connections may result in technology licensing, funding, a customer/supplier relationship or a strategic partnership. Several relationships have been forged since TechQuest was launched. Previous TechQuests from Tech Titans have involved tech giants Texas Instruments, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, Raytheon, Samsung and Tektronix.


Innovation Providers are not required to be Tech Titans members nor do they need to have a location in DFW. 


Content submitted to Tech Titans through the TechQuest submission process is being done so over a public network with no expectation of security. Because of the volume of information we receive, the fact that we often receive similar information from multiple parties, and the fact that we distribute information to many parties for their evaluation, we do not enter into non-disclosure agreements regarding, and accept no confidentiality obligation with respect to, information that Tech Titans and Innovation Seeker companies, and their respective staffs, mentors or others in our networks receive through our website, in presentations, meetings or otherwise.


Information in your submission will be shared with the Innovation Seeker company that created the request.


DO NOT disclose information that is intended to remain proprietary, confidential, or you otherwise wish not to have disclosed or until a more formal meeting or relationship occurs.


The web content on this site is prepared for general circulation, is circulated for general information only, is provided on an as-is basis, and all warranties, express or implied are disclaimed. The Tech Titans assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content contained in this web site.