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The Drone Technology Forum brings together technology users and commercial providers to advance drone business and commercial use in a multitude of industries: insurance, commercial real estate, construction, engineering, energy, infrastructure inspection, survey and GIS mapping.

Meeting examine topics of drone technology including; FAA regulation, insurance, custom uses, sensor development, innovation, Apps, data management, professional standards, STEM education, racing/gaming and new industry users.

Forum topics advance discussion related commercial operations and real world-uses, covering general topics of interest and use in specific industries.

Meeting Months (Friday morning):

  • March 
  • May
  • September
  • November

Mission Statement
To build a business/commercial Drone Technology community to provide a forum for thought leadership, collaboration, education, industry growth, professional practices development and community education.

Members include commercial users and suppliers of drone/UAS services, equipment, software and sensors.
  • Manufactures 
  • Service Providers
  • Commercial Operators
  • Suppliers - software
  • Policy Makers/Law
  • Regulators
  • Academic and Research - University
  • Education - STEM Aerial Robotics
  • Gaming and Racing
  • Technology supporters - individual technology users


The primary goal of the Drone Technology Forum is to create a focal point for information and collaboration to:
  • Include new drone technology users and suppliers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • Enhance professional development and technological growth through relationship building
  • Advance the ethical, legal and technology growth of this new commercial technology
  • Increase the sharing of professional expertise among members in the field of drone technology use
  • Drive event attendance with a goal of 40-50 attendees for events 


Major events will be held quarterly throughout the year through a "Dine and Learn" format. Relevant topics are chosen from the member's suggestions, industry news and professional experience of chosen speakers. Events providing demonstrations, forum topics and networking opportunities will be help throughout the year.

Sponsors will be current members of Tech Titans, as well as new UAS/Drone technology companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area seeking to expand drone technology use.

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Drone Forum 2017 Tri-Chairs:

Rebecca Poynter
OnPoynt Aerial Solutions 

Tom Moore
Hitachi Consulting 

Tyler Carter