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Analytics & Insights Forum

It's been said that it's not the transmission of data that is the primary issue, but what to do with the data once it arrives at its designated landing point. Given that data arrives in a variety of methods and sizes, it can be hard to process or manage. So both technology and non-technology companies are being challenged with the management of information. What to do with the information, how to govern it, and how to analyze it to make the everyday decision making process more strategic and critically successful are driving the needs for industry experts to share their stories and solutions.

The Analytics & Insights Forum will bring together functional and technical experts to advance the knowledge and understanding of how data is used, identify solutions and use cases, and encourage the growth of the business intelligence and analytics community in North Texas.


Next event:

Friday, Sept. 6, 11 am - 1 pm
Serendipity Labs
2323 Ross Ave, Dallas 75201

The real story behind a successful analytics and hardware Smart City project

Moderator: Jennifer Sanders, Dallas Innovation Alliance
Panelists:   Thomas Bamonte, North Central Texas Council of Governments
                  Dr. Brenda Connor, Ericsson
                  Towfiq Khan, City of Dallas
                  Mike Wobken, Intelight

As municipalities continue to become aware of the benefits of advanced information technology to their communities and bottom line, they are increasingly looking to industry to help define and adapt the use cases that are most important to their mission and vision. While the continuing evolution of the technology and tools are key components of the successful smart city implementation project, equally critical are the productive interfaces between municipal and regional governmental entities and organizations that are essential for funding and technical implementation success.  The DFW region is fortunate to have the Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA). The DIA, originally focused exclusively on Dallas, is looking towards a regional approach, as well as participating in statewide collaborations, to leave a legacy of innovation, sustainability and collaboration for future generations.  This presentation will:

  • Take you through the partnerships and timeline for a successful data and hardware-based smart city project
  • Introduce you to the municipal and regional agencies that are essential for these efforts.
  • Let you hear directly from each of the key partners that contributed to a successful project
  • Provide the opportunity for you to network and talk with each of these key partners



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