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Brian White
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We meet the 2nd Friday of the month:
11:30 am - 1 pm
Tech Titans board room
411 Belle Grove Dr. | Richardson, 75080
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Analytics & Insights Forum

It's been said that it's not the transmission of data that is the primary issue, but what to do with the data once it arrives at its designated landing point. Given that data arrives in a variety of methods and sizes, it can be hard to process or manage. So both technology and non-technology companies are being challenged with the management of information. What to do with the information, how to govern it, and how to analyze it to make the everyday decision making process more strategic and critically successful are driving the needs for industry experts to share their stories and solutions.

The Analytics & Insights Forum will bring together functional and technical experts to advance the knowledge and understanding of how data is used, identify solutions and use cases, and encourage the growth of the business intelligence and analytics community in North Texas.


Next event:

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 11:30 am - 1 pm
Tech Titans Board Room | 411 Belle Grove Drive | Richardson 75080

AI at the EDGE: enabling 5G across all industries
Joint event with the Artificial Intelligence Forum

Moderator: Babar Bhatti, co-founder, Dallas AI
Panelists:    Mike Brander, managing director - IoT, Verizon
Simon Crosby, CTO,
Kashif Shakil, Customer Solutions Director, Ericsson 

One of the unique differences delivered through the promise of 5G is the low latency that is pushing consumers and businesses to move intelligence and computing resources to the edge of the network. The business use cases being considered by some industries will employ huge amounts of data though this change. As a result, the driving force for successful employment will be machine learning and artificial intelligence. This expert panel will discuss how taking 5G to the edge will transform business as we know it and help us become better prepared for Industry 4.0.


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