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Blockchain Forum

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Blockchain technology is developing as a powerful tool for recording, sharing, and securing data of all types.  Originally conceived in 2008 as the ledger that underpins the cryptocurrency bitcoin, the technology has advanced in many ways since then and is being implemented to record transactions of all types.  Companies of various sizes—from start-ups to Fortune 500--and across all industries are exploring how to use this new technology to improve their business.  As they do so, they confront novel technological, legal, and business challenges that require thoughtful and innovative solutions from experienced industry experts along with blockchain research being conducted by universities.


The mission of the Blockchain Forum is to bring together business, legal and university leaders to learn from each other about blockchain technology and encourage its growth in North Texas.


The Blockchain Forum seeks to attract a diverse group of students, educators, researchers, lawyers, business professionals, and entrepreneurs who share an interest in blockchain technology and its applications.  This will include people with background or interest in technology, law, and business.

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Wednesday, November 14 
11:30 - 1 pm
4835 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Suite 1000
Dallas, TX 75244


Blockchain and the business landscape

Panelists: Brendan Cooper, director digital systems, Panini America; Jim Johnson, co-founder and chief marketing officer, Oaken Innovations; Paige Krieger, digital development representative, IBM

Moderator: Mike Courtney, president, Aperio


Come listen to experienced panelists discuss how to plan and execute a DLT project!  Join this program to hear answers to questions that aren’t being discussed much.  Questions such as:

    • How is buy-in achieved?  How is ROI calculated?
    • Should I always begin with a Proof of Concept?
    • What are the costs?  How are they different than traditional, non-DLT projects?
    • What kind of talent is needed and how is it obtained?





2018 Events

  • Blockchain and the legal landscape James A. Cox, of counsel, Jones Day, Zachary Lynde, CFO, Factom Inc., Lacey Shrum, attorney & founder, H7 Consulting
  • Will Blockchain's technical problems ever get solved?Mance Harmon, CEO/co-founder, Hedera Hashgraph, Paul Snow, CEO/fouder, Factom, Venkatesh "Ven" Kumar, CTO Pepsico Account, IBM Cloud