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Blockchain Forum

Blockchain Forum
Committee Tri-Chairs:

Chris Deans
Assurance Senior Manager

Kevin Kiczuk, CPA
Audit Senior

The mission of the Blockchain Forum is to bring together business, legal and university leaders to learn from each other about blockchain technology and encourage its growth in North Texas.


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About the Forum

Blockchain technology is developing as a powerful tool for recording, sharing, and securing data of all types.  Originally conceived in 2008 as the ledger that underpins the cryptocurrency bitcoin, the technology has advanced in many ways since then and is being implemented to record transactions of all types.  Companies of various sizes — from start-ups to Fortune 500 — and across all industries are exploring how to use this new technology to improve their business.  As they do so, they confront novel technological, legal, and business challenges that require thoughtful and innovative solutions from experienced industry experts along with blockchain research being conducted by universities.

Our goal is to give you a place to network, explore the applications, and drive partnership and the promotion of Blockchain technology. We achieve this by holding 4 to 6 events per year, open to the public, on 2nd & 4th #TechTuesdays. Check the calendar for upcoming #TechTuesday and other events.

All forums can participate in the annual Tech Titans Expo.

Get involved

A benefit of Tech Titans membership is participation in Forum planning committees:

  • Enhance your professional network with other Tech Titans members invested in blockchain
  • Develop contacts with speakers and panelists that are leaders and experts in their fields
  • Chair or moderate programs in front of the Blockchain Forum audience

The committee meets monthly on the third Monday at 8 am. Forum events are held 4 to 8 times a year. To join the Blockchain team, fill out our volunteer form.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Tech Titans Blockchain Forum, please contact us.

Past events

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Upcoming Events

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Recent Events

May 11, 2021

The realities of digital currency

Lee Marzelli, Deloitte
Seth Dunbar, Dallas Federal Reserve Bank
Weston Betts, Silicon Valley Bank

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