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No matter the shape or color,
all pieces connect to create something great.

At Tech Titans, we know that innovation doesn't follow a formula. Great ideas are sparked by diversity, the unexpected, and an inquisitive perspective.

We value each person in our community.
We are horrified by the death of George Floyd and send our condolences to his family.
We support peaceful protesters and absolutely believe #BlackLivesMatter
The persistence of racism, prejudice and privilege in our country is a reality.

Within our tech community, we say to our brothers and sisters of any color, thank you for your contributions. You frequently have a harder case to make, because your experiences are different than the majority. Forgive the rest of us when we go with the comfortable or easy. Please don't stop trying. You make us better.

And if you ever don't feel valued because of your color, call us on it. The only way we can overcome our blind spots is with help-yours and the accountability of all our peers.

If you are in any kind of majority, reach out and learn about people who are different than you. Share a meal and have the race discussion. Hearing stories will change you.

We dream of a future where people are valued for who they are and how big they dream.

Our brothers and sisters of any color, we have a place for you in Tech Titans.

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