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Frequently Asked Questions for nominations

If you have any questions not covered here, please contact Mallory Crumb at (972) 792-2870.


I would like to re-use my nomination form from last year. How do I get a PDF copy?

Contact Mallory Crumb at


What is a technology vs a non-technology vs a tech enabled company?

A technology company offers technology as its primary product, for example, Texas Instruments. A tech enabled company does not offer technology as a product, although it uses technology to accomplish its key business goals, for example, Kimberly-Clark. (Tech enabled companies are also referred to as “non-technology” companies in some nomination materials.)


What is the difference between the CIO and CTO awards? They sound almost exactly alike.

The CIO award is for deployment of technology; the CTO award is for development of a new technology. These are awards for individuals.


What is the difference between the Innovation and Adopter awards?

Innovation award recognizes a technology company for outstanding innovation and unique accomplishments through recent or potential breakthrough technology or approach within the technology industry. The nominee’s company must own or develop proprietary intellectual property. Or the nominees company develops technology that is sold to customers, which contribute to a majority of the company’s operating revenues. Augmenting other companies’ technology or intellectual property, that is marketed and sold separately, may satisfy this requirement.

Adopter award recognizes a company whose core business in not a technology product for outstanding adoption and application of innovative technologies that successfully change and impact business results. (In short, your company didn’t create new technology or a new breakthrough approach. It implemented existing technology in a highly impactful way.)

These are awards for companies.


Our company does not yet meet the income requirement for a given award. Can we squeak by and nominate ourselves anyway? 

We can imagine your frustration. Sadly, we must ask that you wait to nominate for the award until your company meets the requirement.


The nomination form is asking for sensitive company information. Who will see my nomination form?

The nominating committee lead, who will review the nomination to be sure the questions are answered and the necessary documents are attached.

The Gala committee lead and/or Tech Titans employees might review it if there are questions about the nomination.

And, of course, the judges for your award category will see the nomination forms. For the Fast Tech award, Crowe Horwath will review your nomination.

You will have the option to opt in to have your form as an informational piece for the Dallas Business Journal. However, the media will not publish your sensitive company information, such as revenue, although for the Fast Tech award, percentage revenue growth will be published.


Who are the judges?

The judges can be viewed here. The judges shown on this page may each be responsible for several award categories. Crowe Horwath will judge for the Fast Tech award.


When will I know if I need to attend a semi-finalist interview?

You will be notified by via telephone by mid-June.


Do I have to talk to a judging panel? What if I can’t attend my judging panel date?

If you reach the semi-finalist phase for any category except Community Hero, Investment Catalyst, Tech Titans of the Future High School level, or Technology Advocate, you’ll be required to attend a judging panel interview.

Interviews are on June 26 or June 27, depending on your category. Your nomination form will list the interview date for your award category. (You also can view a sample nomination form by clicking the “Click here to preview” link next to each award type.)

Ideally you would attend your interview in person, as face to face communication is the most compelling. If you absolutely cannot attend in person, a phone interview can be arranged, or someone else can represent you at the interview.


If I’m selected as a finalist, what happens and when?

Finalists will be notified starting June 28, and no later than July 4.

The Dallas Business Journal will publish a feature on the finalists – an excellent publicity opportunity for the finalists and their companies.

The finalist reception will be the evening of Thursday, August 9. While all finalists are invited to the reception, the reception is mandatory for the Community Hero and Investment Catalyst finalists, as their categories will be awarded at the reception. Winners of the Community Hero and Investment Catalyst categories, and finalists of all other categories, will receive free tickets to the Gala for themselves and one guest.

The Gala is August 24. At the Gala, the winners of the Community Hero and Investment Catalyst categories will receive additional mention, and the remaining categories will be awarded. The Gala is mandatory for all category finalists except Community Hero and Investment Catalyst.


Can we be a Gala sponsor?

We’d love that! Please see our sponsorship page for details.


When is the Gala?

Friday, August 24

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