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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the benefit of membership rather than just attending events as a non-member?

We welcome non-members to many events, and encourage you to come. We hope you will notice the quality of Tech Titans and chose to join this lively community. Tech Titans membership dues support many vital works that enhance the environment of North Texas, many that happen behind the scenes.

That said, ‘what’s in it for me’ benefits include member pricing at events, and the ability to serve on committees and develop relationships and take leadership roles. You have the ability to contribute news articles to the Tech Titans publications (news releases, blog articles), submit events to the web calendar and job postings to the online job board. Tech Titans members are the most connected people in technology. Need an introduction? If it makes sense, we can make that happen.

Who can be a member of Tech Titans?

Tech Titans (formerly Metroplex Technology Business Council) has traditionally been an association for tech companies. However, we recognize that life is not easily categorized. We want anyone who has a passion for technology to share their thoughts, time and talent to inspire the rest of us.

Individuals—the rest of your company not ready to dive in? We have an individual membership for $350. We want to help you meet connected people. Besides, we know you’ll represent us well to your organization. We’re all about long-term relationships.

Non-tech companies—we don’t actually believe there are any of these. Every successful company is a tech company, whether or not your product runs on wires and circuits. We’d love to have you.

How much does it cost to become a member?

We look at membership dues as an investment—in your career, your company and North Texas as a whole. Connections, leadership skills, visibility, education, sharing ideas, impacting government, encouraging future tech companies and students. The impact is as large as the investment. Look for some online guidance on the application, or contact our Membership VP Bill Ballard.

Bill Ballard 972-792-2805

I thought Tech Titans was a swanky awards program. Was I wrong?

The Tech Titans Gala has been a production of Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) for 15 years. Not as long as the MTBC, which is 20+ years. However, in 2015, we just got tired of the tongue twister. So, we changed our name to what we are and how we’re known—Tech Titans. It’s officially trademarked, even. The Gala is still around, and we’re looking forward to highlighting another batch of outstanding Tech Titans.


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