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Health Tech Forum

The Health Tech Forum is an active, thriving epicenter for professionals interested in the development, distribution and utilization of advanced technologies to improve human health and the management thereof. It includes medical and monitoring devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health IT systems and all related software – remote or otherwise. The Health Tech Forum will bring the medical and technology communities together to discuss the issues, explore the applications, and drive new solutions that answer the challenges in the exciting field of health technology.

The Heath Tech Forum brings together passionate professionals in all stages of health technology development, commercialization and use in North Texas, encouraging networking, development, knowledge creation, funding, partnership, growth and promotion of such technologies.

Those who benefit the most from the Health Tech Forum include entrepreneurs, students, companies and funding sources that are actively engaged in the development, commercialization or use of health related products or services. Disciplines include but are not limited to scientists, medical professionals, engineering, software development, manufacturing, quality and assurance, regulatory, training and education, intellectual property, sales and marketing, human resources/recruiting, finance, and general management, as well as angel, venture capital and private equity funding sources.

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Thursday, August 29, 3 - 5 pm
Tech Titans Board Room
411 Belle Grove Dr.
Richardson, TX 75080

Med device cybersecurity:  Designing to expect an attack

Speaker:  Garyld Miles, VP of operations and engineering, The Realtime Group

Per recent media reports, medical devices are considered vulnerable and easy to hack, which creates a new security threat that could ultimately lead to patient harm. Additionally, connected devices could compromise patient safety and patient data, and affect business profitability and brand reputation as a result. Since connected devices provide substantial benefits for patients and end users, the potential risks must be proactively managed at design time.

Our current complex cybersecurity threat landscape requires a complex design based threat mitigation approach, focused on prevention at the design level. FDA expectations for mitigation and prevention in the face of these new and numerous threats and vulnerabilities center on the FDA Premarket Cybersecurity Guidance, FDA Postmarket Cybersecurity Guidance, and UL 2900-1. This discussion will address methods of threat prevention through defensive design techniques.



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