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The IoT Forum Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of the month from 8 - 9 am at the UT Dallas Design Studio. If you would like to be included on the monthly invites to this committee, please email Mallory Crumb (Tech Titans members only)

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IoT/Health Tech Event

Thursday, July 18  | 3 - 5 pm
Makerspace at UT Design Studio
3000 Waterview Pkwy, 2nd floor
Richardson, 75080

Game Changer Series:  Technologies

Dr. Orlando Auciello, Professor of Engineering, UT Dallas
Bryan  Merckling, CEO, THINaër

The Game Changer Series focuses on companies and people in North Texas that are changing the way we view healthcare today.

  • Find out how THINaër is changing the healthcare industry with IoT and AI.  The ability to capture and contextualize the data from connected devices, combined with AI, is already improving patient outcomes inside the hospital while simultaneously lowering the overall cost of health care.
  • Dr. Orlando Auciello has invented a diamond coating that increases the life of biological implants.  He grows the ultra-thin diamonds in his lab - each grain is five nanometers across.  Diamond doesn't break down from wear-and-tear, is resistant to chemical attack, and is not rejected by the human body.

Following the presentations, THINaër will be demonstrating some of the latest exciting integrated Med-Tech devices including ECG/EKG in the palm of your hand and from a ring, and Dr. Auciello will be conducting tours of his lab, which is right next to the room where the presentations will be held


2019 events

May 23- "Journey towards a smarter city"
Presented by: Alexander van Overveld, Head of Sales Public Sector, Nokia

February 28- "Merging IoT and Blockchain to create business value"

March 28- "5G + IoT: Business and technical update from AT&T and Ericsson"
Presented by: Paul Challoner, VP Network Product Solutions, Ericsson North America and Jorge Matar, Lead Business Development Manager, IoT, AT&T

April 25- "Getting your IoT devices to mesh with thread"
Presented by: Brandon Satrom, Developer Advocate for Particle

2018 events

January 18- "The next industrial revolution over private LTE networks"
Presented by: Dr. Solyman Ashrafi, Managing Partner, NxGen Partners

February 20- IoT Expo at Noah's Event Center in Plano

March 22- "Connected and smart products/assets enabled digital transformation"
Presented by: Venky Dahale, Digital Transformation Architect, Microsoft

April 19- "Creating customer experiences that drive real-world solutions"
Presented by: Tolga Tarhan, CTO, Onica

May 31- "IoT America: delivering technology to the country"
Presented by: Pete DeNagy, President, IoT America

June 21- "Growth of the IoT landscape: Supporting technologies, platforms and business models"
Presented by: Joshua S. Markham, Principal Architect - IoT Emerging Technologies, Verizon

July 19- "IoT: The future of supply chain management"
Presented by: Tim Garcia, CEO & President, Apptricity

October 25- "The marriage of IoT and the supply chain" in collaboration with Tech Titans Design & Manufacturing Forum
Presented by: Jim Kokal, CEO, Wavetrix

November 15- "Connectivity to meet the demand for data"
Presented by: Ed Hightower, IoT and Beyond and Jerry Faught, WLS Lighting

2017 events

January 26- "Driving innovation in retail with IoT"
Presented by: Scott Emmons, Head of Innovation Lab, Neiman Marcus

February 23- "Avoiding pitfalls of IoT implementations"
Presented by: Mahesh Ramu, VP, IoT Strategy and Operations, Plasma

March 23- "Using sensors for digital patient engagement"
Presented by: Maria Schneider, CEO and co-founder, Dynofit Inc.

April 25- "The Smart Building Revolution"
Presented by: Greg Fasullo, ENTOUCH, and Neal Sivie, Jones Lang Lasalle

June 22- "The challenge of securing IoT"
Presented by: Shawn Wiora, Maxxsure, Sean Bryson, Hitachi Consulting, Brian Sanders, U.S. Secret Service, and Kevin Castillo, Hitachi Consulting

July 27- "Renewables & Technology:  Unleashing consumer benefits"
Presented by: Gabe Castro, TXU and Sam Sen, TXU
Click here to view the presentation

Sept 28 - "The Internet of Things at BNSF"
Presented by: Mike Garcia, BNSF
Click here to view the presentation

Oct 26 - "What makes a city smart?"
Presented by: Greg Brown, Verizon Wireless

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