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STEM video resources

virtual reality classroom
Nurses looking at a clipboard in hospital ward
Robotic hand, accessing on laptop, the virtual world of information. Concept of artificial intelligence and replacement of humans by machines.


Video contest required forms

The following forms will be needed to sign-up for the Tech Titans video contest and for all video submissions.

STEM careers background information

What is STEM?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Today's STEM professionals create virtual worlds, design amazing machines, invent new materials, construct earth-friendly buildings and engineer cutting-edge air vehicles.

What is a STEM career?
Anyone who is supporting science, technology, engineering or math is involved in a STEM career. The opportunities are endless. Traditionally, anyone involved in STEM has an Associate degree, Bachelors/Masters degree or special certification. More information about STEM careers can be found at:

Why a STEM career?

  • With 6,810,913 citizens North Texas is the 4th largest Metropolitan Area in the country and growing at a rate of 12 people an hour, 288 people a day, 2,016 a week and demographers expect us to reach over 16 million by mid century
  • The population growth requires a highly skilled and educated population to be the innovators who will continue to provide the quality of life of which we are accustomed
  • Half of all STEM Jobs don’t require a four-year degree and pay an average of $53,000 which is 10% higher than non-STEM jobs with similar education requirements (Source: STEMtistics)
  • By 2020 the demand for STEM professionals will add over 1 million new jobs (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - BLS)
  • STEM Careers: Just for Students, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity
  • Women in STEM, American Association of University Women

Technology game changers - background information



2018 technology game changers - background information

2017 technology game changers - background information

2016 technology game changers - background information

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