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Analytics & Insights Forum

Establishing data literacy in support of a data-driven organization, sponsored by SevenTablets

Radha Mahapatra, UT Arlington and Brian White, Ericsson. Hear how an academic program is rapidly creating a data driven organization in a 140-year-old company.

Ericsson Smart Factory - IoT Forum

Using 5G to make 5G. With the 5G demand for radios greater than ever, the Ericsson Smart Factory is combining IoT with Industry 4.0 to make increasingly advanced radios with lower power consumption, smaller form factors, in higher quantities and lower costs.

Hall of Fame Valerie Freeman discussion

During a group discussion, Hall of Fame inductee Valerie Freeman of BravoTECH talks about the importance of entrepreneurship and giving back.

CerSci Therapeutics a DFW BioTech startup

Lucas Rodriguez led his startup from concept, through founding and growth to high-dollar acquisition by an established pharmaceutical firm, all right here in North Texas. Hear from Lucas how the business community enabled his success.

Hall of Fame Valerie Freeman discussion

During a group discussion, Corporate CEO winner Ericsson's Niklas  Heuveldop talks about innovation and growth in the market.

Town Hall

Tad McIntosh, founder and president of HumCap hosted the event along with Melissa Townsley, founder and CEO of GIACT. Members of Tech Titans discussed the current technology business environment and what lies ahead.

Talent development: STEM & millennials

General Manager of Qorvo Roger Hall with TT STEM team Lisa Frey about encouraging STEM and how to recruit millennials in today's environment

DevOps discussion from State Farm

DevOps successes and challenges featuring Kevin ODell, Technology Director and DevOps Advocate at State Farm

5G use cases from Nokia

5G use cases featuring Sandro Tavares, VP of Mobile Networking Marketing at Nokia

Awards Gala

2020 full show. See Hall of Fame, Innovation Awards plus all the fun!

Innovators luncheon

Featuring the finalists of the 2020 innovation categories of the Tech Titans Awards Gala. This year that includes: (emerging) Asset Panda, BALANCED Media | Technology, Hedera Hashgraph, Spark Biomedical Inc. (corporate) +1 Labs at Match Group, BAL--Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP, CBRE, Omnitracs

Semiconductor growth during covid

James Klein, president of infrastructure and defense products at Qorvo, discusses the current connectivity marketplace, and how semiconductors manufactured by Qorvo, such as GaAs, GaN and BAW are developing new opportunities for mobile, the IoT and 5G.

CES recap

join Tech Titans member and 2thedge Founder Ty Harmon for a CES 2021 recap. Ty will share the event's highlights and key takeaways.

President AT&T Business Anne Chow

Anne speaks about COVID-19 response, technology predictions for the future and what’s next for 5G.

Town hall

Bill Sproull, Tech Titans CEO, hosts our virtual town all with featured speaker Caroline Gagliardi, partner with PwC and discusses the current technology business environment and what lies ahead.

Trust the party on the other end?


Daniel Bachenheimer, Accenture; and Drummond Reed, chief trust officer, Evernym, Inc. Trust over IP (TOIP): enabling trustworthy exchange and verification of data between any two parties on the Internet

Data privacy in analytics during COVID

Analytics & Insights/Cybersecurity Forum

Covid is creating new benchmarks that businesses must navigate to protect their companies and biggest asset, employees. Hear two of the leading cybersecurity and technology experts in the state of Texas identify some of the best use cases that will help survive the crisis and plan for the future after the crisis is over.

Virtual healthcare beyond the COVID-19 crisis

Health Tech Forum

COVID has unlocked the potential of virtual healthcare technologies. Dr. Pardeep Shori, a pioneer in virtual healthcare and a current active provider, discusses what's working, discloses what isn't, and shares his perspective on the long-term impact of these systems on the delivery of healthcare.

Legislative Update

A special roundtable discussion with U.S. Congressman Colin Allred and U.S. Congressman Van Taylor on Aug. 17.

Lessons learned in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Forum

Panelists: Jarret Kolthoff, CEO, SpearTip Shawn Tuma, Partner, Spencer Fane, Dallas Harvey Ewing, CIO and CISO, MoneyGram International

AI and quantum computing

Gopal Gupta, Ph.D., department head - department of computer science, UT Dallas; John Randall, Ph.D.,  president, Zyvex Labs; John Spencer, Ph.D., president and CEO, Photodigm

They discuss use cases and the quantum skills needed to prepare for the era of the quantum economy.

Covid trends/ technology impacting HR

Ty Harmon and Bill Link, 2THEDGE

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic crisis resulting from containment efforts, have shifted the employee-employer relationship.  A wide range of employment law, tele-health regulations, and work-from-home policies will fundamentally change the nature of how we work together now. Learn how leading organizations are developing new solutions  to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

Selling & customer service at a distance

With travel being limited and more expensive, the selling process and customer service will need to change. Companies will still need to search for, attract, sell to and serve customers from across the city and around the world. How will companies reorganize their selling and customer support efforts to be effective and potentially replace face-to-face meetings? What tools?

Blockchain and banking

Important blockchain developments affecting traditional banking have been occurring outside of public view. Blockchain is being used to send payments globally and to streamline interbank processes for syndicated loans. Central bank currencies and the integration of digital currencies into traditional payment systems are discussed . Panelists: JC Jollant, Finastra; Richard Meszaros, Accenture; Eric Smith, App Brilliance, Inc.

Nokia CTO 5G

Michael Murphy, CTO Americas, Nokia, will give an overview of the wireless 5G development at a global level, but with details regarding the US including:

• economic benefits

• timing of operator deployments

• example use cases

• local and global security concerns

• how businesses can take advantage of 5G and how to prepare for it

Awards: Emerging CEOs

Tech Titans Awards emerging CEO finalists talk about their businesses, their paths to growth and the continuing challenges their companies face. Calvin Carter at Bottle Rocket, Curtis Hite | Improving, Will Rosellini | Nexeon Medsystems, Andrew Schaap | Aligned Energy

Podcast: Bottle Rocket CEO Calvin Carter

High-energy Calvin Carter has opinions about how to lead an organization. The latest action is allowing employees to work from anywhere, on top of their self-managed vacation plan. Calvin talks about connecting employees to a purpose, how an entrepreneur/leader needs empathy, and how coronavirus accelerated adoption of trends by 3-5 years.

#oldtech that we've forgotten

Remember the technology that we remember but has moved to newer innovations.

Perot tribute

Celebrating a North Texas tech innovator

Innovation: next stage emerging companies

Connects next-stage emerging companies with investors and corporate business about the current investment climate in DFW.
Alyce Alston--CEO, Dallas Entrepreneur Center; Joe Beard--partner, Perot Jain
Steve Guengerich-- executive director, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas; Glenn Singleton--vice chair, Transactions Practice Group, Foley Gardere

Managing bias in datasets

Pradyot Prasoon, director of emerging technologies, American Heart Assoc.
Hettie Tabor, director of masters of science in business analytics, SMU
Dwayne Paschall, data scientist - machine learning and AI, IDEXX
Kalyana Chakravarthy Bedhu, head of AI and data innovation, Ericsson Group

Bias in datasets used to train AI is a significant challenge. AI and machine learning can produce potentially disastrous results if training data sets are not managed.

Innovation: future making

Learn how Intentional Future Making and other future-related methodology is required for businesses to succeed in today’s disruptive technological world. Hosted by the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Technology (ATEC) at UT Dallas, the event featured notable leaders in the area of future making:
Dr. Anne Balsamo, dean, UTD ATEC
Gwen Ishmael, SVP, Escalent
Ted Farrington, Kalypso Fellow


Panel: Jason Fruge, VP and CISO of Fossil Group, David Venable, VP cybersecurity of Masergy, Jeff Schilling, SVP and CISO of Epsilon
Moderated by George Finney, CISO of Southern Methodist University

How to align cyber security to business strategy and goals
Measure and balance your cyber risk with your business needs
Tips on how to conduct an enterprise wide cyber vulnerability and risk assessment
How to develop and roll out a comprehensive cyber strategy
Communicate cyber insights and initiatives across the business and C-suite in terms they understand


Ellen Barker, CIO of Texas Instruments, and Manoj Kumbhat, CTO of Kimberly-Clark

The role of the heads of digital, technology and information continues to rapidly evolve as companies embark on new digital transformation initiatives - moving from traditional back-office IT to being right in the thick of the customer experience equation. More than ever, the CDO/CIO/CTO function has grown to be a strategic partner with internal business partners, leveraging new technologies across sales, marketing, operations and manufacturing to define new business models, drive transformation while accelerating revenue growth.

Extended reality (XR)

Juan Alvarez - Texas Instruments; Dr. Ryan McMahan - UT Dallas, computer science; Jerome Stembridge - Samsung; Dr. Carrie Straub - Mursion.

Includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and immersive technologies. It helps employees improve their productivity and performance. Examines the various forms of extended reality.


Mance Harmon, Hedera Hashgraph; Paul Snow, Factom; Venkatesh "Ven" Kumar, CTO Pepsico account, IBM Cloud

Jon West, VP software engineering, Thomson Reuters

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is going through its own hype cycle and it's promising to change the world, but yet the number of issues facing Blockchain seems overwhelming.

Using AI to create personalized messaging

Sherif Mityas, CIO and chief experience officer, TGI Friday's

TGI Digital is a digital transformation project with the objective to reconnect with customers on a 1 to 1 basis. Friday's uses AI to achieve deep insight into preferences and lifestyles to provide highly personalized and timely messaging. Friday's has seen a 500% increase in engagement with customers on social media channels since implementation.


Randy Krum, CEO, InfoNewt

Organizations have an immense amount of data, and they want to use that information to make more informed decisions. In this session we'll discuss the challenges of effectively communicating complex information so it can be easily digested by the target audience. Analytics and Insights Forum.

Entrepreneur ecosystem in Dallas

These entrepreneur experts discussed the Dallas ecosystem, comparisons with Austin, and the current state of investment. JR Garcia of Health Wildcatters & Green Park Ventures, David Matthews from REVTECH, and Bryan Chambers of the Blackstone LaunchPad at UT Dallas


Michael Guillory, worldwide brand communication, Texas Instruments

Organizations have an immense amount of data, and they want to use that information to make more informed decisions. In this session we'll discuss the challenges of effectively communicating complex information so it can be easily digested by the target audience.

Space: mobile satellites

Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium Communications

Matt talks about the space industry and Iridium, is a leader in providing mobile satellite services for maritime, aviation, government and the Internet of Things. They had a $3 billion dollar network transition with 81 new satellites launched by SpaceX. Matt describes the "Space 2.0" race, and what the implications of that will be for global communications.

Venture investor panel

Moderator -- Glenn Singleton, Gardere

Shawn Kelly—Teakwood Capital Seth

Harward—Frontier Capital Kevin

Ainsworth—GuideCap Partners

Aziz Gilani—Mercury Fund

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