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Special interest forums

Business Intelligence/Analytics Forum brings together functional and technical experts to advance the knowledge and understanding of how data is used, identify solutions and use cases, and encourage the growth of the business intelligence community in North Texas. It has often been said that it is not the transmission of big data that is the primary issue. The question becomes what to do with the data once it arrives at its designated landing point. What to do with the information, protect it against cyber attacks, and how to analyze it to make the every-day decision-making process more strategic and critically successful are driving the needs for industry experts to share their stories and solutions.

The Cloud Computing Forum brings together those involved in cloud computing and helps them align their business strategy with opportunities presented by the cloud, including cost reduction, creating greater efficiencies and learning best practices. Members come from all facets of the Cloud: IT leadership, infrastructure, software, platform, and advisory services.

The Cybersecurity Forum is a community that will educate its members through insight and knowledge about key issues in information security and risk management. By collaborating on best practices, we can help develop solutions that meet the business needs of its members. Its mission is to create an information security community that provides a place for thought leadership, education, industry development and community service.

Design & Manufacturing Forum targets multiple industry sectors including military, medical, industrial and telecom and focuses programs on design, manufacturing, emerging technologies, electronics, plastics and metal fabrication. Attendees include engineers and engineering managers, researchers and supply chain managers.

The Drone Technology Forum brings together technology users and commercial providers to advance business and commercial use in a multitude of industries: insurance, commercial real estate, construction, engineering, energy, infrastructure inspection, survey and GIS mapping.

Health Tech Forum
 connects companies and encourages the development, knowledge creation, identification of solutions, and promotion of technologies focused on health outcomes to highlight the current trends and shape future trends for the Dallas ecosystem and the State of Texas generally. If Dallas can lead with a combination of entrepreneurial opportunities, mentorship and advanced technical training in the biomedical sciences, then North Texas will generate the new jobs needed for these graduates to begin their new companies here and simultaneously establishing Texas as a leader in biomedical innovation. This group is driven by companies actively engaged in the development of health technologies like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, software applications, wearables and Health IT solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Forum connects companies and encourages the development, knowledge creation, identification of solutions and promotion of IoT to highlight the current trends and shape future trends in its use. The proliferation of machines talking to machines will continue to explode in coming years. The greater use of technology in automobiles, online banking, supply chain management of inventory in a retail store are just a few examples. The tech industry should share ideas, exchange information, identify solutions and build a network of industry experts to further the understanding and implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in North Texas.

Human Resources Forum provides Tech Titans members’ human resources professionals a resource to learn about trends in areas of shared interest such as recruitment, retention, compliance, benefits, etc., to be able to adapt to new laws, regulations and technologies. This quarterly forum allows local HR professionals to network with each other and receive community updates. Only open to HR professionals.

With the proliferation of technology and the divergent needs of the industry, Tech Titans offers forums built around specific technology or business verticals where members can meet and share ideas around areas that would most benefit their careers and the future of their companies. Non-members may attend any of the forum meetings, though only members may have a leadership role. If you have any questions about the special interest forum program, please contact Tech Titans SVP Programs Paul Bendel at 972-792-2854.
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