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Who we are

About Tech Titans®

Tech Titans® is a forum that leverages the regional technology community to collaborate, share and inspire creative thinking that fuels tomorrow’s innovations.

Tech Titans members include the companies and individuals that create technology as well as the people and institutions that embrace, nurture and leverage technological innovation.

What we do:

Tech Titans serves, encourages and promotes the North Texas technology ecosystem including:
The Developers of technology
The Adopters who implement groundbreaking technology
The Investors who fund and support innovative advancements in technology development and application
The Educators who help shape the next generation of innovators

Tech Titans represents the interests of a quarter million employees through its member companies.

Why it matters:

Tech Titans membership includes a diverse group of technology leaders from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies who:
Collaborate to help innovation thrive in North Texas
Partner to help each other succeed
Drive innovation and the adoption of advanced technology in the region for higher levels of success
Actively seek new avenues to solve real-world problems
Promote the innovation and leadership that makes North Texas a leader technology

How we help:

Through its many programs Tech Titans is active in:
Cultivating a technology community of companies, entrepreneurs, investors and students
Growing the future workforce through STEM initiative
Advocating for pro technology policies in government
Celebrating and recognizing success through its annual awards
Driving economic development

Tech Titans is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization.

For more information about the benefits of membership in Tech Titans® contact Bill Ballard at 972-792-2805 or email

Vision statement:

We champion and serve the technology community across North Texas.

Value proposition:

Tech Titans will stimulate innovation, advocate for pro-technology regulation and legislation, nurture the future technology workforce, create business networking and learning opportunities, and recognize excellence in our technology community.

The Tech Titans Creed:

The members of Tech Titans believe that a passionate pursuit of technology creates the innovation and productivity that benefits the lives of north Texans today and tomorrow.

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