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Cybersecurity Forum

Cybersecurity Forum
Committee Tri-Chairs:

Solomon Israel
Skymax Network

Jackson Ku
Lead Member of Technical Staff Network Systems, AT&T Labs

The mission of the Cybersecurity Forum is to create an information security community that provides a place for thought leadership, education, industry development and community service. By collaborating on best practices, we can help develop solutions that meet the business needs of its members.


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About the Forum

Our goal is to give you a place to network, keep on top of the ever-evolving threat landscape, and drive partnership and the promotion of cybersecurity. We achieve this goal by holding 4 to 8 events per year, open to the public, on 2nd & 4th #TechTuesdays. Check the calendar for upcoming #TechTuesday and other events.

All forums can participate in the annual Tech Titans Expo.

Get involved

A benefit of Tech Titans membership is participation in Forum planning committees:

  • Enhance your professional network with other Tech Titans members invested in cybersecurity
  • Develop contacts with speakers and panelists that are leaders and experts in their fields
  • Chair or moderate programs in front of the Cybersecurity Forum audience

The committee meets monthly on the second Thursday at 8:30 am. Forum events are held 4 to 8 times a year. To join the Cybersecurity Forum, fill out our volunteer form.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Tech Titans Cybersecurity Forum, please contact us.

Past events

Check out the speakers and topics we've featured in years past.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 14 at 12 pm

Decode data breach: reading the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR)

S Alex Pinto, DBIR Team Manager, Verizon
George Finney, CISO, SMU
Andy Ulrich, head of security, Ericsson


Scott Schindler, vCISO, Tracepoint

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Recent Events


June 8, 2021

How secure is our digital supply chain? Considerations on the SolarWinds fallout


Travis Russell, head of Cybersecurity, Oracle
Creighton Adams, director of enterprise systems engineering, Launch Consulting
Derek Manky, chief of security insights & global threat alliance, Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs


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