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Cybersecurity Forum

Cybersecurity associate sponsor
Cybersecurity associate sponsor

Cybersecurity Forum

As the number of cyber attacks continue to increase, it is important to stay connected with industry peers by sharing experiences and practical solutions to educate oneself about the evolving threat landscape. The purpose of the Cybersecurity Forum is to create a community that will educate its members through insight and knowledge about key issues in information security and risk management. By collaborating on best practices, we can help develop solutions that meet the business needs of its members.

Mission statement
To create an information security community that provides a place for thought leadership, education, industry development and community service.

Target members include practitioners at all levels of the security field in a broad range of industries. Initially we will use the Cloud distribution list for our events/programs.

The primary goal of the Cybersecurity Forum is to create a center of excellence in the community to:

  • Draw in new Tech Titans membership with information security companies, as well as other companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • Enhance professional growth through relationship building
  • Increase the sharing of expertise among members in the field of information security
  • Drive event attendance with a goal of 40‐50 attendees for major events and a goal of 10‐15 attendees for special topic discussions

Major events will be held quarterly throughout the year through a “Lunch and Learn” and a handful of “small special topic discussions.” Each event will be strategically planned by the steering committee to ensure relevant topics are chosen from the members' suggestions, industry news and professional experience of chosen speakers. Seminars offering education training, forum meetings and networking opportunities will also be held throughout the year.

Next Event

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 7:30 am - 9:30 am
Location: UT Dallas -Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center | 800 W. Campbell Road, DGA 10 | Richardson, TX 75080

Joint Cybersecurity Forum and UTD Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance

Questions Every Board Member Should be Asking About Cybersecurity

Cynthia Pharr-Lee, chairman, Dala Communications
Mark King, chairman & CEO, Micropac Industries Inc.
Chad Pinson, President of Engagement Management, Stroz Friedberg
Wayne Reynolds, Advisory CISO, Kudelski Security
Moderator: Chris Denton, principal security engineer, Intuit


There's often a wide gap between the technical and security operational metrics typically reported by Chief Information Security Officers and the business information needed by boards of directors to set organizational strategy.  This program will address the cybersecurity topics that need to be addressed to enable boards to have meaningful conversations, gain confidence, and develop an aligned vision for data security.


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