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Tech Industry Lunch

The Tech Industry Series is an interactive programs focused on technology applications and trends in the high-tech industry. Luncheons are typically held on the third Friday of a given month - and feature presentations by industry experts.

2024 Tech Industry Series Speakers

April 19 - Artificial Intelligence
More Details to Come and Registration
will open soon!


2024 Tech Industry Luncheon Schedule
February 2 - The 2024 North Texas Economic Forecast

Bill Adams - Comerica Bank
Mike Eastland - NCTCOG
Samantha Barrera - Boeing
Richard Barkham - CBRE
Jon Davis - Motion Recruitment Partners

2023 Tech Industry Series Speakers

2023 Tech Industry Luncheon Schedule
February 17 - Re-Thinking the Workforce of Tomorrow

Sharlene Jenner – VP Engagement Strategy, AbelsonTaylor
Dillon Mahipala – Transformation Leader, North America at Ericsson
Tara Whitehead Stotland – Lead Strategist at Cognizant
Moderator: Diane Magers, Founder & CEO, Experience Catalysts

May 19 - Leadership 2023 - Keys to Leading Teams in Times of Change

Doug Moore, CEO, Fujitsu North America
Jacquelyn Clayborn, CEO, ONC National
Kathy Jones, Employment Experience Manager, State Farm
Jon Davis, Chief Revenue Officer, Matrix Resources

August 18 - How AI is Changing the Retail Industry

Skip Howard, CEO, Spacee

November 17 - Spotlighting achievement through the Tech Titans Awards
2023 Tech Titans Awards Winners

Thomas Sweet, CIO, Industrial Refrigeration Pros - Emerging Company CIO/CTO
Rahul Saini, CEO, Teliatry - Start Up CEO

Special Tech Industry Luncheon Virtual Presentations
December 6  - Breaking Barriers for differently abled people through technology

Dylan Rafaty, REC Foundation
Anthony Pacilio, Neurodiverse Solutions
Chad E. Foster, Red Hat
E.G.Nadhan, Red Hat

February 27 - Can technology resist Status Quo for the underserved

Michael Pegues, CIO, Aurora, IL
Kimberly Lagrue, CIO, New Orleans, LA
Tanya Hannah, CIO, Aon Corporation
Moderated by E.G. Nadhan, Global Chief Architect Leader, CTO Organization, Red Hat


2023 Tech Industry Luncheon Events

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