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The STEM Workforce Initiative

The Tech Titans STEM Team is a dedicated group within our organization whose goal is to build the future workforce, the next generation of Tech Titans. In the 2022-2023 academic year, we delivered inspirational experiences to approximately 7,000 students in North Texas. We have introduced kids to STEM careers through panels, speed mentoring, facility tours, engineering challenges and hands-on engineering design challenges.

We introduced our member volunteers to diverse students in six school districts to give real-life experiences, advice, and examples of opportunities within the world of STEM. These events are enriching for the students, teachers and our volunteers.

We also engaged in an externship that exposed college students to technology professionals, experts in resume writing and LinkedIn, and personal financial advisors. Over the two-week period they learned about many different technology companies directly through presentations and interactions with these companies’ employees. The interns also planned and executed team projects, practiced interviewing and received professional mentors.

How you Can Help Build a Strong Community

Volunteer with the Tech Titans STEM Team to share your STEM career experience and passion with students:

  • Be a panelist or speed mentor
  • Bring students into your place of work
  • Host a virtual event or STEM Challenge Question
  • Donate to the Tech Titans Foundation to support our efforts:  Tech Titans Foundation

All employees of Tech Titans member companies are eligible to volunteer. There is no experience required—just enthusiasm and a passion to impact students.

Join us! Contact Tech Titans Director of STEM Initiatives, Jean Krone Bono at

"Middle school is where girls tend to turn away from STEM careers. Research shows that up to that point, STEM courses are 50/50 male/female. By high school, it drops significantly to 85/15 and by college and in the workforce…90/10. We can do better! Tech Titans IS helping girls see it so they can be it! Your Tech Titans STEM Team has passion for closing this STEM gap in our relentless pursuit of a dynamic STEM workforce in DFW. Join us!" --Lisa Frey, (seen in the video preview above)

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