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Amy Wheelus

Chair of the Tech Titans board and VP of architecture and strategic planning at AT&T

“Tech Titans is an 'Innovation Collider'.  We believe new ideas are formed when great minds come together, and challenges are resolved the same way.  Together, we use STEM to solve the world's most pressing connectivity issues, and with the help of virtual technology, it's even easier to achieve results regardless of action." 

Where big ideas connect and grow

Tech Titans is accepting applications from start-up companies across the country who can design the most innovative solution, system or application that advances "AI for the Social Good" in the annual Grand Challenge Award Competition. Applications for the award may be submitted between June 4 and August 4. The winning company will be announced at the annual Tech Titans Awards Gala on September 29.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and MBE/WBE certified technology companies should be pre-revenue to revenue of less than $2 million. There is no cost to participate, companies can be located anywhere in the United States, and do not have to be Tech Titans members.

Entries will be initially judged by a panel of representatives from Tech Titans member companies. Once the finalists are determined, they will be showcased for a virtual pitch in front of a panel of celebrity judges, which will determine the recipient of the award.

The 2022 Grand Challenge Award Recipient was Climatekk, a Frisco, TX-based company that developed an application to address financial and operational risks associated with the impact of the Global Climate Change crisis.

Pete DeNagy, co-founder and president of Climatekk about winning the Grand Challenge says:

"The main benefit that we have taken away from winning the award has been the validation of our concept and recognition on a national basis. Tech Titans and the 2022 Grand Challenge award enables Climatekk to better position the entirety of our go to market strategy into a light that elevates awareness and purpose to positively impact climate change."

Want to join Tech Titans by helping fund and market the award winning company. More information can be found at Grand Challenge Funding.

Questions? Contact Paul Bendel at (972) 792-2854 or Jo Yezak at 972-792-2817

Grand Challenge application form here.

Past Grand Challenge Award Themes and Recipients

2020 theme - 5G

UT Dallas Center for Stimulation and Synthetic Humans for her Emergent Teacher Platform, Marjorie Zielke, Ph.D., Director

2021 theme - Edge Computing

Balanced Media Technology, Dr. Corey Clark, CTO, and his team for their work on privacy preserving edge-based machine learning through the use of video games.

2022 theme - Sustainability 

Climatekk, Pete Denagy, co-founder and President, for developing an application to address financial and operational risks associated with the impact of the Global Climate Change crisis.



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